The journey begins in

The Sahel

An expansive region spreading over 1.12 million square miles with rich history and miraculous amalgamation of cultures

On the fertile banks of

The Niger River

The third longest river in Africa, originating from the Guinean highlands, moving through 5 countries before draining into the Gulf of Guinea

at a local

Tea Plantation

in Niger, a country the Sahel region, where Kinkeliba, Moringa, and Hibiscus are grown and nurtured with care.

And are harvested by

Women Farmers

Who make up 80% of Niger's workforce in the agriculture sector yet own less than 10% of the land.

And then meticulously

Sun dried

In small batches, soaking up the Sahel Sun

until they are ready to be mixed with

Medicinal Spices

Cloves, Ginger, Mint, and Lemongrass, which have anti-inflammatory, stress-reducing, and digestive properties.

Bringing you an ultimate


French word for herbal tea blend, the right combination of the right ingredients, creating the right aroma and the perfect taste.